A Day in the Life of a Property Entrepreneur with a No Money Down Deal

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In this week’s ‘Out on the Road with Samuel Leeds’ I visit a great property in Hull with my good friend and deal sourcer, Alasdair Cunningham.

Alasdair purchased this property by using the Lease Option Agreement property strategy and once renovated will be generating a HUGE return on investment!

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‘Viewing Properties LIVE in Hull | Out on the Road with Samuel Leeds’ – 2019.

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20 Responses

  1. Craftaga says:

    When the property prices go down within the next 5 years this guy is going to lose a lot of money

  2. Anthony Andrews says:

    This was truly incredible to witness. You went out and proved that anyone, from every background can make it in real estate. This was real, raw and uncut. I loved every moment of it. -first time viewer of you btw

  3. Chris N says:

    Slightly confused at this > You need a solicitor to represent seller and not you ?

  4. craig hall says:

    I'd rather pay 500 than live with a serial killer lol…..

  5. Chloe Jones says:

    Sam I love your videos and work ethic but it really bothers me how you consistently interrupt your friend here whilst he’s in the middle of a sentence!

  6. alison norcross says:

    Hull looks nice un that streer.. I want ti try.

  7. Loraine Clarke says:

    I love the content but give Alistair a chance to finish a sentence Samuel!!!!

  8. APEXWOLF 1890 says:

    I have a real challenge for you… It's great that you made the success story a second time and are donating the profits to charity (which we all know isn't the greatest option cause someone's getting paid) anyway, I challenge you to take me an ordinary person and turn them into a real estate entrepreneur.. It'll be more difficult cause I or whomever do not have the knowledge, so you will literally start from scratch while also helping someone grow their own life and it can also be seen as charitable… Two millionaires donating is better than one Sam – let's make me an entrepreneur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ItsMegaAndy says:

    How come in this video you make it seem like Alasdair is a "student" but in actual fact both of you are in business together under "Better Sourced Ltd"

  10. Tom Thumb says:

    How is it a free house

  11. Nik says:

    Is there any way for me to learn properly from scratch about property investing from Hong Kong? Would you be able to upload a full tutorial online? Or perhaps video calling mentoring?

  12. ItsAdz says:

    Hey Samuel, I just want to ask you would you think I would be able to get into property at the age of 17, I'm currently living in a HMO illegally lol and I am pretty lost tbh and I just want a change. I don't attend college as I need to work as I have no one to support me. you really inspire me I just want to know where to start at my age and if it's possible. thank you keep being you

  13. Chris Bishop says:

    How many cash cows have you milked so far Scamuel..

  14. Tomas Fernandez says:

    I want to go but I live and Los Angels CA. Come and make a video of your next challenge down here?

  15. JMK Olly says:

    Hi Samuel, I was in the crash course in Birmingham in Dec. Please can you connect me with your team who source HMOs/ BTL Many thanks

  16. Ben says:

    Video should be ‘a day in the life of Scamuel Leeds’

  17. FSshizz says:

    If you got a mortgage say on a 50/60k house/apartment and rented it out to someone for say 400-500/m can you use the equity on that 50k house/apartment to then get another mortgage and rent that out again and then rinse and repeat until you have like 5 places making you 200 a month each (after mortgage payment)? So you'd have some monthly money coming in and people paying off your mortgage for You?

  18. Dan Bowie PT says:

    I’m booked on to your feb crash course…buzzing for it.!
    I’ve got so much to learn , but did I not watch a recent video regarding new government rules stating rooms need to be soundproofed .?

  19. MA AS says:

    im from Australia, what in the actual fuck is a HMO? is it like a duplex? town house? wtf is it
    EDIT: and for any smartass yes i googled it, A house in multiple occupation, still makes no sense, occupation like a job? wtf does that mean, shared bathroom and toilet? is this only an England thing?
    is there an equivalent of that in australia, is it just a fancy term for airbnb??

  20. gunmetal says:

    This channel is getting popular fast. Like just a day or two ago it was on 20k now it's on 22k.

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