A Cure for Toxic Masculinity (THE SAAD TRUTH_823)

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Please send your thoughts and prayers.

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44 Responses

  1. I AM EL NINO says:

    You look beautiful sir.

  2. Choo says:

    And/or nine inch blahaha

  3. joyce wang says:

    Heyyyy I came here for the thumbnail

  4. Steve Fazackerley says:


  5. LadyCroMag BuntCitch says:


  6. Godd Howard says:

    Productively addressing your issues and pursuing solutions is also toxic masculinity.

    You should have spent an additional hour talking about how suffering toxic masculinity makes you feel.

    Sad to see you still have a long way to go.

  7. Hi5 Tilinko says:

    You're a master troll, Dr Saad. My best wishes from Hungary!

  8. Feloxenos Noname says:

    I'm really hairy.. I must be ooozing toxic masculinity. I clearly need more soy in my diet.

  9. Anna Emert says:

    I was banned on twitter today for a science retweet, so looks like I can only follow you on here now if I want some toxic masculinity. ha ha

  10. qikese says:

    Though this is cute, what is happening is anything but. The APA has lost its collective mind. Men, please know there are still plenty of women left who love masculine men! At the very least, any woman over 35 should still be attracted to manly men. They were born before the world went gender mad.

  11. Janice Fiamengo says:

    Ha haa! Very good.

  12. The Dude Abides says:

    You crack me up bud 😀

  13. Marcus Aurélio says:

    Feminism is cancer.

  14. Kiran Akari says:

    The nine inch penis shit is still hilarious

  15. Gamer McGameface says:

    Sit down when you pee,
    Start to say “like” more.
    Suppress the urge to fight and drive fast, and
    Subscribe to Dr Androgynous Sadd. I just did, you made me laugh,
    thank you Sadd.

  16. Anita McGuire says:

    I particularly fear for autistic boys with IQ Scores of 160, who are constantly failed by increasingly stupid feminist teachers, because the five year old finished his obliged school work, possibly disregarded spending the prescribed hour of colouring in, in favour of something to advanced for the ignorant parent or teacher to understand !!!!!

  17. Space Battleship says:

    an attraction to women with 9" penises is quite a specific kink. And I did notice you said penises, plural.

  18. Space Battleship says:

    Id like to see what jonathon haidt and jordan peterson have to say. It would be great if you guys could do a skype call

  19. mikey27 says:

    9 inches? That's a form of size-ism. This is problematic since you are excluding men and transmen who do not conform to your 9-inch penis gaze.

  20. lizard king says:

    I love how he always says 9 inch penis when it comes to trans people lmfao

  21. Bike Cycle says:

    Drink lots of soy and eat tofu.

  22. MRCAB says:

    Cut my ballz off.

  23. Randy Douglas says:

    APA is no longer a legitimate scientific body that studies the human mind, but now has morphed into a politicized ideological propaganda outlet and weaponized psyop mindf*ck against the traditional defenders of the realm! This is just the way Leftist's like it to confuse, subdue and demoralize the male population in order to enable an easier globalist (Communist) takeover! They have ruined male/female relationships through state sponsored militant feminism, lawfare and pitting the sexes against one another for power destroying love and causing zero trust! Divide and conquer is the name of the game, destroying self-esteem and identity and dissolving pair bonding, marriage and children! The family unit is gone and the evil whites that create functional, free and prosperous nations are going extinct! The Marxist Manifesto is being implemented all according to plan! People better wake up and understand who their enemy is and who their master manipulators are! And it is certainly not masculinity or men, but the psychopathic destroyer's of humanity playing God and treating human beings as disposable "useless eater's" and expendable pawns in their quest for world power! Everyone must fight back against these very dark and evil forces!

  24. CurbsideUnderwood says:

    The anti male agenda must be ruthlessly fought!

  25. Mr Majestic says:

    Jews are agents of Satan.

  26. Phil Wyles says:

    9 inches? Is that the magic dimension?

    I was once warned about the dangers of tight underwear. Perhaps a very tight thong, worn backwards, might aid in the reduction of ones testosterone. I dunno…

  27. tj ti says:

    I’m glad you have taken time to check your toxic Arab masculinity mr saad

  28. Tempestfall says:

    I would say these people are "nuts", but there's not any among them.

  29. Tommy O Donovan says:

    Where's the hot redhead?
    ….Click bate'n son of a Saint (one of the Jewish ones).

    P.S. Did I hear you say you were gonna watch TBOMC every day for a year….
    What new HELL is this!

  30. Daemon says:

    More than half of humanity. You've forgotten to include female to male transsexuals (that should add about 0.1%) and male emulating female homosexuals who do not consider themselves transsexuals (that should add about 0.5%). These two groups are especially in need of help, since they are espousing the masculine pathology by an effort of will.

  31. Sammy Kovic says:

    GADDY…I have been trying to insert a bloody tampon(pun intended)up me nob end for the past 4 weeks without success,,,,any tips hun!!!

  32. The Dave says:

    I clicked here because the thumbnail said it would be Gad in a wig, this is total click bait Gad get your act together mate.

  33. Ed Metz Jr says:

    Thank you for giving me the courage to take control of this toxicity within me. I will start by canceling my cable subscription except for the Hallmark channel. For it only shows wholesome realistic views of men.

  34. Broonzied says:

    Every time I am caught out being deceitful or manipulative I shall burst into tears.

  35. paul martinson says:

    some of the best comments ever

  36. Henk van der Laak says:

    Sadly, your pro-active attitude betrays you as the evil male that you still are.
    The correct (and female) approach would be to wait until your condition is fully recognized and accepted by those around you and treatment is offered to you for free.
    If no such treatment is forthcoming, you should whine about being oppressed, glass ceiling, yada yada yada and find support and encouragement of like-minded (or like-lack-of-minded) victims.

  37. Arpit Bartaula says:

    Haha this is fantastic

  38. Uncle Benis says:

    Trap Saad

  39. Brett Hussey says:

    Praying for you Gad Saad. We've added you to the prayer list on the back of the church bulletin.

  40. LapinPete says:

    Oh, I have a lot of male clients. I wonder what are the APA guidelines.


  41. Katherine Kelly says:

    Every expression of toxic masculinity I have witnessed was by men insecure with their masculinity. They feel inadequate as men because they are not living up to the ideal they hold in their mind of what they need to be to consider themselves worthy of respect by both men and women. They compare themselves to other men and whether they find themselves superior or inferior the result is the same, a sense of inferiority created by the "need to compare". They are also in a defensive position in relationship to both women and men because they need each in different ways to feel worthy (masculine). Only when individual men define their own masculinity for themselves (what it is to be a man) will toxic masculinity cease to exist. Toxic masculinity partly comes out of the toxic competition between men seeking dominance as an expression of self doubt and need to transcend this self doubt and the danger implicit in being weak or viewed as weak.(Inferior)  Fear of fear is always a component of toxic masculinity and this is yet one more layer in that men are conditioned to not show or feel any emotion that is not "manly" which separates them from knowing the very things about themselves they need to know to escape the paradoxical psychological trap they are caught in. Toxic masculinity is the expression of a man that does not know or like himself.

  42. Adrian Axelsson says:

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