A Colonel defines Disruptive Leadership | Col. Jill Morgenthaler | TEDxNaperville

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You could say Col. Jill Morgenthaler is a military woman of many firsts. And now maybe the first person to define what Disruptive Leadership really is. Retired Colonel Jill Morgenthaler is a woman of many firsts. She was in the Army’s experimental class to test if women could lead men into combat. She was the first female company commander in the Army Security Agency Group Korea on the North Korea border. She was the first woman battalion commander in the 88th Division and the first woman brigade commander in the 84th Division. Morgenthaler was also the first woman to run homeland security for Illinois. In 1980, she spoiled a Soviet plot to kidnap a satellite engineer.

For her distinguished military service, Morgenthaler received the Legion of Merit and the Bronze Star.

Morgenthaler is now an expert and speaker on leadership. Her book, The Courage to Take Command: Leadership Lessons from a Military Trailblazer, provides radical leadership insights from her three decades of military service, from her first days in ROTC to some of the world’s most dangerous war zones, including Bosnia and Iraq. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  1. Llyyn says:

    If more Army leaders were like this the Army wouldn't have half the issues it has now. There are entirely too many leaders who prioritize their careers and 'playing the game' over their soldiers. The mentality that 'it' not my job' is far too prevalent where doing the right thing is concerned. As usual, the best NCO's are the ones with a couple article 15's behind them. If you haven't disobeyed someone before you've probably been a pushover where it really counts.

  2. Bit Bleed says:

    Too much white guilt and race baiting

  3. Tague Relyea says:

    Gtfoh lies

  4. Scott Savage says:

    Im currently joining the marines i find this enlightening

  5. Michael Dashnaw says:

    Those high heals give you a lot of power. Ha! Ha!

  6. Charlie Sloan says:


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