5 Tips to BOOST Your Confidence!

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Are you struggling to find your confidence and move forward in 2019? In this video I share 5 Tips to BOOST Your Confidence with social media, live video and world domination!

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Oh Hello, my name is Janine and I have been a full time entrepreneur for a year. I quit my corporate job to live full time in my passion in 2017. I have created a business which supports female entrepreneurs and business owners who want to strengthen their brand message, target their market and build their influence on social media by leveraging the power of live video. I am passionate about teaching people how to use live video effectively, in a creative and fun way to connect with their audience with authenticity and originality.

Remember that you have the power to build your influence and create a global impact one live video at a time.


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5 Responses

  1. Janine Inspires says:

    Hey everyone, thanks for watching. What was the no.1 takeaway from the tips I discussed? All comments welcome!

  2. Great Vibes - Documenting My Journey says:

    As long as you keep going, you'll keep getting better. And as you get better, you gain more confidence. And besides, we're allowed to make mistakes at the start. So don't worry. Thumbs up for the video Janine

  3. Felisa Cargile says:

    Good tips!

  4. eComm Cash Queen, Dallas G says:

    Wonderful nuggets

  5. eComm Cash Queen, Dallas G says:

    Hello! Great content here!

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