22 May 2017-The Hindu Full News Paper Analysis-[Coal Block, World Water, Gender Equality]

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34 Responses

  1. Study IQ education says:

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  2. ravi jain says:

    Champaran satyagraha – 1917
    Ahmedabad mill strike – 1918
    Kheda satyagraha – 1918

    Rajkumar shukla invited gandhiji in champaran satyagraha

  3. ravi jain says:

    Theme for international water day is waste water

  4. Archana Rajpoot says:

    champaran andolan ( 1917)

    Rajkumar shukl – Gandhi ji

    Ahamdabad mil andolan (1918)

    khilafat andolan

    Asahyog andolan

  5. Khushboo Mishra says:

    1. World's Water Day Theme
    2016 – Water and Jobs
    2017 – Why Waste Water

    2. First live intity river given in New Zealand – Whangauni / Awa Tupua

    3. Second live intity river given in India – Ganga and Yamuna

    4. Raj Kumar Shukla invited Gandhi Jee to come Champaran

    5. Champaran Styagarh – 1917

    6. Ahmedabad meal labour – 1918

    7. Kheda and Rolect Act – 1919

  6. Sandeep says:

    Rajkumar Shukla

  7. Arun Jh says:

    did china get affected by ransomware ???

  8. Saurabh singh Rathore says:

    sir u are the best…i appriciate ur knowledge…way of teaching….and hard work for us…and i think you are from rajasthan from your accent as i am too from ajmer
    i will love to meet u sir…but that too after 2018 prelims…i am to give in a lot into it till then…
    thanks sir..

  9. SHAKUN SHARMA says:

    1. WORLD WATER DAY: 22 March.
    • 2016 Theme: "Water and Jobs,"
    • 2017 Theme: "Why Waste Water"
    • 2018 Theme: "Nature-based Solutions for Water".

    2. WHANGANUI RIVER of New Zealand becomes first in world to be given legal status of a person.
    • The Whanganui River, located in the north island of New Zealand, has a special and spiritual importance for the Maori people.

    3. CHAMPARAN SATYAGRHA; The Champaran Satyagraha of 1917 was Mahatma Gandhi’s first Satyagraha. One local peasant leader Rajkumar Shukla had invited Mahatma Gandhi to visit Champaran.
    • The first Satyagraha movements inspired by Mohan Das Gandhi occurred in Champaran district of Bihar.
    • Champaran Satyagraha was the first to be started, but the word Satyagraha was used for the first time in Anti Rowlatt Act agitation.
    *Champaran: To remove the hardships of indigo workers in Champaran exploited by the European planters.
    *Ahmedabad 1918: To end the deadlock between the mill owners and labourers who were overworked and under paid.
    *Kheda 1918: To demand relief for famine-stricken peasants of Kheda regarding the revenue dues to be paid to the Government.
    * Rowlatt 1919: Against arrest of Indian revolutionist without warrant.

  10. Akbar Mohammed says:

    please post in english

  11. Mohini Porwal says:

    rowlatt satygraha and bardoli satyagraha

  12. Mohini Porwal says:

    raj kumar shukla

  13. Sandeep Maurya says:

    really nice video sir…very helpful

  14. neeraj thakran says:

    tnkx a lot veer sr jai hind

  15. Nagesh Banoth says:

    Sir please explain in english

  16. Anjana Yadav says:

    champaran satyagraha k nada m 3 aur satyagraha aaye the.
    kheda satyagraha1918, ahamdabad satyagraha1918, vyaktigat satyagraha.1940

  17. saroj sweet says:

    very useful

  18. comedy and mazza says:

    theme of 2017 wastewater

  19. Rahul Katiyar says:

    raj kumar shukla had invited Gandhi ji

  20. Chithra c s says:

    SIR, p/s active on twitter,like fb p/s share with twitter too

  21. Yaqoob Dar says:

    really its helpful thank u sir

  22. Amar sinha says:

    Jai hind .jai hindi

  23. sanjeev kumar says:

    sir please provide english edition.

  24. Tps Benipal says:

    Village aur city me sarkari water ka time table kam hona chaye

  25. Raghavendra Upari says:

    One correction over karnataka and Maharashtra water dispute concerned with koyna dam is related with Krishna river basin..pls don't repeat such mistakes. Otherwise it loose imp marks in exam point of view..t.u.sir

  26. love guru says:

    1…..WORLD WATER Day
    DAY:-22 March.
    2016 THEME:-"Water and Jobs,"
    2017 THEME:-"Wastewater"
    2018 THEME:–"Nature-based Solutions for Water".

  27. Raghavendra Upari says:

    Veer sir today's article discussion is immensly good. But I deeply regret your conversation and command over English language..so pls make efficient effort to sort out this problem..ok jaihind..(hope u will accept my suggestion positively)

  28. shivam saini says:

    Sir pdf nahi h

  29. Anjali Sehrawat says:

    water day theme 2017: wastewater

    live entity river: Whanganui river

    champaran invitation given by: raj kumar shukla

    satyagraha: 1917- champaran satyagraha
    1918- ahmedabad mill strike
    1918-kheda satyagraha

  30. nidhi singh says:

    The theme of world water day 2017 is waste water.
    Ghandhi jee invited by Rajkumar shukla in bihar.

  31. murali krishna says:

    plz use atleast some english words bro


    theme 2017 wastewater

  33. priyansh gurjar says:

    Nice video sir.. Do it continue.. U r doing a great job

  34. Shub nisha says:

    the person who invited gandhi g in champaran was raj kumar shukla

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