[1.2 Live] 2018 Recap

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18 Responses

  1. DoctorMaxMoebius says:

    Jordan, "Lots to be said about the Pentagon..", then you say practically nothing.

    C'mon, Jordan, drill down and do some research! You can do better.

    Also, too many ads. YouTube has monetized the shit out of your channel, so I hope you're getting something from it. Lord knows I'm not…

  2. Toyo Takahashi says:

    Happy New Year Jordan ! Thank you for your great work !

  3. David Buckwalter says:

    my resolution is to remind all the Qtards that no mass arrests are going to happen and jordan please park your car in coreys garage close the garage door crack your window and leave your car running maybe rev it a few times for good measure! the world will thank u !

  4. joe says:

    2018 was a miracle imo. Hope 2019 could top that!

  5. James Dickman says:

    What a ride 2018 was.

  6. Quiet Bear says:

    9 commercial breaks in this video already… hmmmmm. Could certain (dark) forces not want a recap (reflection) of 2018 by Jordon Sather? Me thinks yes! 😉 <3 🙂

  7. Steve Keeton says:

    Excellent video! Jordan, are you familiar with the work of James Burke and his series called Connections? I believe you could do an outstanding series using his format on the current topics that you are most familiar with.

  8. Heart Out Of The Matrix says:

    AWESOME WORK, Thanks !!!

  9. Jim Hill says:

    Stop looking the video has been removed strange ehh .. By the way not a troll just thought that someone that seems so well clued up might have at least posted a reply about it .

  10. Amber L. Stine says:

    You met me at the conscious Life Expo in CA. I was also not a fan and will never go back to it. That was such an expensive let-down.

  11. Jim Hill says:

    Hmm not even…. [ I Am Looking Into It For You ]. …Really expected something!

  12. SecondComingTwice says:

    I'm thinking that the cancer-victim who's attorney's beat Monsanto was a grounds-keeper at a school-district as opposed to a "farmer."
    Yeah, the young man has had quite a year. Keep doin' what you're doin' Jordan. It seems to be working.

  13. MrPurpleTie says:

    Call To Action: Call Pelosi & Schumer and respectfully demand Border Security & Immigration Reform.
    End Catch & Release. Merit based Immigration reform. Secure the Borders & Build The Wall.
    Pelosi : (202) 225-4965
    Schumer : (202) 224-6542

  14. David Perry says:

    you did Com Central.

  15. Nat Skelly says:

    Thanks for the refresh!

  16. Marg MacDonald says:

    you are the greatest

  17. lizard king says:

    You totally forgot about Hawaii drama. Remember the "not real" attack on Hawaii. …
    That was a big deal!

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